Registered Professional Engineer

M.S. Engineering, Stanford University

Board-Certified and Past Board Member, Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE)

Previously Director at two major acoustical consulting firms, Charles M. Salter & Assoc. and HMMH

Member, American Institute of Architects

Member, Acoustical Society of America

NASA Research Experience

With more than 35 years of experience in acoustics, Jack Freytag founded Freytag & Associates, LLC to provide specialized consulting services in Airport Noise, Architectural Acoustics, Environmental Acoustics, and Expert Witness Testimony. He has managed more than 40 FAA-sponsored sound insulation projects, several hundred architectural acoustics design projects, and environmental and community noise assessments. Mr. Freytag's background also includes expert witness testimony in both state and federal courts, aero-acoustic research for NASA, engineering of large industrial facilities, digital signal processing, and engineering management of high technology business ventures. He has also been a licensed pilot since 1966.

Mr. Freytag managed the southern California office of Harris Miller Miller & Hanson (HMMH), the foremost transportation acoustics company in the United States. As Director, he was responsible for sound insulation projects for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and supported other ongoing sound insulation projects in southern California and around the country.

As a Director at Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc. for 20 years, he managed noise studies for civil and military airport clients, cities and counties, noise-impacted residents, land use litigation cases, and crash hazard potential studies. He also acquired and managed the Audio Forensic Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary company specializing in de-noising (for dialog recovery), gunshot analyses and authentication of audio and video recordings. He has served as an expert witness on cases involving audio recordings, environmental noise, and audibility. He has also been the acoustical expert for several Discovery Channel programs.

For a detailed resume, please get in touch with Jack at (949) 500-1853 or jack@freytagllc.com.